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James Dixon & Sons

JDS building

James Dixons' silversmith and cutlery manufacturing business was established in 1805 and by 1860 had a workforce of over 700 people occupying 4 acres of land. The most impressive cutlery works is still standing, it is now a listed building, part of the Cornish Place Development.

They were originally famous for their Britannia silverware (a purer form of silver than sterling silver). They absorbed William Hutton & Sons Ltd 1930 and became part of Solpro Group 1993. British silverware Ltd, Sheffield, still manufactures James Dixon products.


The first corporate mark of the trumpet and banner was granted in 1879, and the second with the name was added in 1890. Some authors claims that the trumpet with banner trade mark was officially registered in 1881 though being in use prior to that.

The "Trumpet and Banner" identifies without doubt Dixon's production. It is a fundamental element to prevent mistakes with the marks "JD & S" used by another Sheffield manufacturer.

JDS Trumpets

Older James Dixon & Sons Ltd Sterling silver Hallmarks

JDS Hallmarks